As co-ordinator of events and activities for members of the Wicklow Town & District Chamber, I have been in a position to bring some excellent content to our members and other local business people recently.

The Referral Institute training programme was brought to my attention by a business associate, and we all worked closely together to bring some of this very high-value business development material to our members, through workshops and networking events.

Feedback from members has been extremely positive, enthusiastically highlighting the quality of both the material and the presenters. I have attended the events myself and been very impressed. I look forward to the prospect of bringing more of this exciting content to our members, and continuing to work with Alan and the rest of the Referral Institute team.

Susana Costello, Chamber Executive,
Wicklow Town & District Chamber, Ireland


Having run The Flint, one of Bristol’s most experienced Branding Consultancies for over 12 years, there is always one thing we ask our clients to remember…..YOU are your brand not your logo!

Referral Institute training and knowledge completely ties into how we help our clients.  If you are credible your brand becomes credible and the more referable you and your business becomes.  Since taking our “own advice” and immersing ourselves in Referral Institute’s training our turnover has more than doubled in less than 12 months.

Jason Flinter, The Flint, jason@theflint.co.uk


Regarding Personnel is a successful and expanding personnel management consultancy a higher and higher percentage of my business is coming from word of mouth referrals.

I subscribed to Referrals For Life because I could see that the most focussed networkers I came across applied discipline and systems to their networking.  Now I am applying those systems and disciplines my time spent on the activity of networking is far more fruitful.

Jillian Tempo, Regarding Personnel, jillian@regardingpersonnel.co.uk


I help businesses increase their profitability through understanding who their clients are and enhancing their relationships. Although I am American living in Exeter and may be considered loud and brash at times (!) I do know how important it is to get client relationships right! I am often told by business owners that they get a ‘few’ referrals from their existing clients.   I ask them why they aren’t getting the majority of new business through referrals. If you’re in the same spot, you need to talk to The Referral Institute: they can show you how to grow your business methodically through good old fashioned relationships and a proven business process. If you want to know why, call me first!

I subscribe to the Referrals for Life programme and it has been the most brilliant thing for my business. The Advanced Networker classes build a process week by week which is invaluable. It asks questions, it makes you think, and it helps you develop a referral marketing plan to show you how to manage your business in to real profitability.

The trainers have been students and are experts in this material not only front of class but also in the real application of the models and they’ve helped many others. Now I get business through structure and good old fashioned relationships! Thanks to the team at Referral Institute.

Deb MacLeod, DMM Consulting, deb@dmm-consulting.co.uk


Innovecom helps its clients to gain greater advantage from their investment in IT and telecommunications to help them to be more effective, secure, safe and agile.

Referrals are the most important source of new business for our business structure.  Referrals For Life brings focus and measurement to the referral generation process helping us to recruit more of the customers we need in a more controlled manner.

Mike Punter, Innovecom, mike@innovecom.com


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