Our latest partner

August 16, 2009

Another sponsoship partner joins us, as our event gathers momentum!!


SURETEAM unravel the complexity of health and safety. We know health and safety is something that every business in the UK needs to take very seriously – for their own good. There are literally hundreds of rules and guidelines to follow, so it can be confusing or overwhelming working out what needs to be done. The good news is that, there’s a solution, or series of solutions, available for you right now.  The very reason SURETEAM exists is to completely remove the stress of health and safety compliance from their clients.


(post by Debs MacLeod)


A Great Partnership

July 24, 2009

We are thrilled to announce NRG is sponsoring our Conference in October!


NRG is an excellent networking organisation which takes business networking to a new level through promoting long-term relationships rather than quick fix solutions.


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Laugh ’til you cry

July 13, 2009

Jill Green owns the top producing Referral Institute in the UK based in Bristol. She has helped hundreds of businesses increase their referral results and is delivering on the “Promise” with a large client base in the West Country as we speak. Jill is a Master Trainer in the UK and is responsible for training our trainers across the country as well as our clients! Jill’s expertise lies in giving and getting the most out relationships. She is the founder of Coaching at Work – an established coaching business – and has been involved in Referral Institute as one of the first ever clients many years ago and was a founding franchisee in 2004 when we launched in the United Kingdom. She brings a human touch to Referral Institute material so that you can learn and apply the knowledge ensuring success.

Jill Green

I am sworn to secrecy about her presentation at Conference but keep reading as the countdown takes place and I will see what I can sneak in to tell you! One thing I will personally guarantee based on my years of working with Jill is that you will take away learning but you will laugh ’til you cry!!

(post by Sarah Owen)

Golf and referrals

July 11, 2009

Let me tell you a little more about what to expect from Mike Holman’s presentation at Conference. Mike is the owner of Referral Institute Manchester North West and he really was a golf professional before he became one of the UK’s experts in referral marketing!!

Mike Holman

If you don’t believe me about the golf – come and see with your own eyes. In a very clever presentation Mike demonstrates a set of techniques you can use to improve your referral results. Your game of golf is more than likely to improve on the day too!! Mike was a brilliant golf pro’ and brings those same training skills to the platform in October.

(post by Sarah Owen)

Simple but not easy

July 11, 2009

We promise 17 proven models to increase your referred business ON THE DAY. Dr Ivan Misner the founder of Referral Institute tells us that referral marketing is simple but it is not easy. Each model will be clearly explained and you will be able to walk away and put it straight into use. All the models we have developed over the years are tested, used consistently by our clients and they work.

Ivan Misner

If you like to read a book – you can pick up many more than 17 ideas in The 29% Solution, 52 in fact! If you want to meet Michelle Donovan – Dr Misner’s co-author of this best selling book – Michelle will be with us at Conference. Michelle is known as the “Referrability Expert” in Pittsburgh, is a Referral Institute franchise owner for western Pennsylvania and founder of Pinnacle Training Services.

29 pc solution

(post by Deborah MacLeod)

What to expect

July 11, 2009

Wanted to let folk know more of what can be expected content wise from attending the Conference. The people who attend are our clients or close contacts of our clients. So, let’s see what that means. Our clients from across the UK are people who invest time and money into increasing their ability to find referred business for their networks and in turn increase their own results by referral. So a whole group of people who are highly skilled at referral marketing with a whole group of people they know well who are interested in the same topic.

The speakers and Referral Institute Team from around the world all have proven track record in helping people create Referrals for Life. I wouldn’t like to take odds – if I was a betting woman – but if you are serious about referral marketing and results for your own business and need to make some high level connections on the day – you would be hard pressed to find a room full of people like this at any event I know of.

(post by Sarah Owen)

Top Performer

May 1, 2009

Hazel Walker is one of the top performing Referral Institute franchise owners in the USA. Based in Indianapolis she has helped thousands of businesses to increase their results by referral. She is speaking at the Conference to let us Brits know why networking and sex are a perfect combination!

Hazel Walker

Hazel explores the differences between the way men and women network and the traits needed to be a successful networker regardless of gender. Her presentation style is engaging and highly entertaining but she never misses to make sure there is deep content and her material is guaranteed to be delivered with force. I broke my hand in Indianapolis a couple of years ago, treated at the hospital where Hazel was born, she told me to tell them on arrival in ER that I was one of “Queen Hazel Walker’s loyal subjects!” I knew she was joking but all fees were waived for my treatment – Hazel Walker’s name literally opens doors in USA!!

(post by Sarah Owen)


March 30, 2009

Preparations have begun for one of the most eagerly anticipated business events of the year!


2009 Referrals for Life UK and Ireland Conference
27th October 2009
Venue: Mercure Holland House Hotel, Bristol.

We would love to hear from business people all over the world, and invite your submissions to our blog. Details on how to become involved with this event will be supplied soon.