About this event


2009 Referrals for Life UK and Ireland Conference
27th October 2009
Venue: Mercure Holland House Hotel, Bristol

Referrals For Life® was established to create a learning community of professionals committed to building their businesses with integrity through long-term referral relationships.

This will be a major event! Supported by Referral Institute owners and trainers from around the world working with businesses just like yours to share their experience and expertise on the day.  Meet with Referral experts from New Orleans, Roanoke, Pittsburg, Atlanta, San Fransisco, Indianapolis, Dublin, Cardiff, London and Oxford.


Speaker list:
Hazel Walker – USA Master Trainer and Franchise Owner Indianapolis
Mike Holman – Franchise Owner Manchester NW
Jill Green – Master Trainer and Franchise Owner Bristol and Bath
Sarah Owen – Master Franchise Owner United Kingdom

What is it?
A ‘hard work’ day not a ‘sit back and listen’ day. The chance to meet other business professional who take referrals seriously. You will learn concepts and ideas you can take away and apply immediately in your business to get more referrals.

Afterwards you will –

  • Know why networking and sex are a perfect combination!
  • Walk away with 17 proven models to increase your referred business.
  • Have people asking to build referral relationships with you.
  • Have met the author of The 29% Solution: Michelle Donovan.
  • Find out how a good looking ex-golf pro could unlock your referral results.
  • Increase the quality and quantity of your referrals.
  • Train with Referral Experts from around the world.

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