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Networking’s Biggest Myths

October 17, 2009

The business world is full of ideas and assumptions about networking. But what is true and what is just a delusion when it comes to networking? On Tuesday 27th October you will meet Mike Macedonio co-author of Truth or Delusion and President of The Referral Institute. Why not have a chat with him and discuss some of the misconceptions in referral marketing.?

In the meantime, test your knowledge with these questions:

Truth or Delusion? If you provide good customer service, people will refer business to you.

Truth or Delusion? For maximum referral impact, you should cultivate relationships primarily with the movers and shakers in your community.

Truth or Delusion? People who like, care and respect you will refer business to you.

Truth or Delusion? It’s best to limit the number of networking groups you belong to.

Truth or Delusion? The best way to ensure referral success is to follow the Golden Rule: Treat your referral sources the way you would want to be treated.

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These excerpts are taken from the New York Times bestseller ‘Truth or Delusion’.

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Keeping track of your referrals

October 13, 2009

Some important thoughts from Dave Clarke, of NRG;

I wrote yesterday about the importance of keeping track of your referrals. You may think that is limited to direct contact of some sort, but I have also found that much of the business generated via the internet has its root in referrals and word of mouth.



Make it easy…

October 9, 2009

If you’re going to be at this conference you’ll get to meet her – but in the meantime how about learning some of Hazel Walker’s tips to help your network…

We were on the phone with Hazel yesterday and she was talking about how to make things easier for your referral sources.  There are several things to help your sources but first of all if you want to get more referrals from people in your network, you have to make it easy for them to find and give those referrals to you. They want to help you, but most will not step out of their comfort zone to make it happen.

Here are some of her tips.

  1. If you want to help your sources tell them what to listen for. Most of us are with people all the time and they are, either contemplating a decision, sharing great news or complaining. Each of these conversations present opportunities to develop referrals for you.
  2. What visual clue might I see that would lead me to recommend or refer you? Are there things that are common to signals that a person might need you? Such as someone’s car has a dent in it and you are an auto body shop owner.
  3. Are there things that I might see that would help me recognize someone as your target market? Like a motor cycle or boat in a drive way for the insurance agent.

The more you can paint a picture for your network members the easier it is going to be for them to help you. Unfortunately, this means that you have to give some thought to what and who you are looking for as clients. Anybody or everybody will not be as effective. Profile your clients and teach your network members how to spot the clues. To meet Hazel and learn more from her come to our conference on Tuesday 27th October.

Hazel Walker

Hazel Walker has spent the last 15 years networking and teaching others to network. She started out owning her own Insurance Agency that she built using her networking skills.  Hazel is a Referral Institute Trainer, as well as a professional speaker and writer.

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Get to the heart of it

October 2, 2009

There’s particular exitement in the camp with our latest sponsor – one of our very first clients, one of the first to become part of this community of highly motivated business professionals working to accomplish our business goals together!


Graham Massey from ‘re everything‘ works with you to really get to the heart of the message you need for your business. Come to conference to meet him and learn how to really promote yourself.

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