Angry and Dissapointed in Sweden

We have all just completed a stimulating and very enjoyable ‘Training & Development’ session for representatives of the Referral Institute team in Europe – including of course the latest plans for our ‘2009 Referrals For Life UK & Ireland Conference’.

The prize for ‘best moment’ however must go to Stefan Molander from Sweden (Management Konsult, Talare & Inspirationstr√§nare, Certifierad LifeSuccess konsult).

He was very angry and dissapointed with proceedings. Probably not what you’d expect we would want to highlight from the feeback / comments part of the day, but here’s the point; this was Stefan’s first experience with any of the Referral Institute activities… to be more precise he sat our ‘Referral Pipleline‘ seminar with his partner Richard Cederquist (you can’t sit ‘Pipeline’ alone!). He was angry and dissapointed that he wasn’t aware of this material before now, despite many years in the business by referrals business. So, em, we think this is a testamonial… ?

Stefan Molander

We’re sure you can guess the spirit in which this comment was made, getting a good laugh from the Welsh, Irish, American and English contingent present. We are really looking forward to working with these guys from Sweden!

(post by Alan Bell )


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