Laugh ’til you cry

Jill Green owns the top producing Referral Institute in the UK based in Bristol. She has helped hundreds of businesses increase their referral results and is delivering on the “Promise” with a large client base in the West Country as we speak. Jill is a Master Trainer in the UK and is responsible for training our trainers across the country as well as our clients! Jill’s expertise lies in giving and getting the most out relationships. She is the founder of Coaching at Work – an established coaching business – and has been involved in Referral Institute as one of the first ever clients many years ago and was a founding franchisee in 2004 when we launched in the United Kingdom. She brings a human touch to Referral Institute material so that you can learn and apply the knowledge ensuring success.

Jill Green

I am sworn to secrecy about her presentation at Conference but keep reading as the countdown takes place and I will see what I can sneak in to tell you! One thing I will personally guarantee based on my years of working with Jill is that you will take away learning but you will laugh ’til you cry!!

(post by Sarah Owen)


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