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Top Performer

May 1, 2009

Hazel Walker is one of the top performing Referral Institute franchise owners in the USA. Based in Indianapolis she has helped thousands of businesses to increase their results by referral. She is speaking at the Conference to let us Brits know why networking and sex are a perfect combination!

Hazel Walker

Hazel explores the differences between the way men and women network and the traits needed to be a successful networker regardless of gender. Her presentation style is engaging and highly entertaining but she never misses to make sure there is deep content and her material is guaranteed to be delivered with force. I broke my hand in Indianapolis a couple of years ago, treated at the hospital where Hazel was born, she told me to tell them on arrival in ER that I was one of “Queen Hazel Walker’s loyal subjects!” I knew she was joking but all fees were waived for my treatment – Hazel Walker’s name literally opens doors in USA!!

(post by Sarah Owen)